Suki Waterhouse Age: Exploring the Life and Career of a Multifaceted Star

Suki waterhouse age – At the tender age of 31, Suki Waterhouse has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. From her breakout role in the 2015 film Insurgent to her captivating modeling campaigns and her burgeoning music career, Suki Waterhouse has proven her versatility and determination to leave an enduring mark on the world.

Born on January 5, 1992, in Hammersmith, London, Suki Waterhouse’s journey to stardom began with her modeling career. Discovered at the age of 16, she quickly rose through the ranks, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Elle and collaborating with renowned brands like Burberry and Alexander McQueen.

Personal Details

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Suki Waterhouse’s full name is Alice Suki Waterhouse. She was born on January 5, 1992, in Hammersmith, London, England.

As of today, March 8, 2023, Suki Waterhouse is 31 years old.

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Career Timeline

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Suki Waterhouse has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, spanning modeling, acting, and music.

Here is a table of some of her major career milestones:

Date Milestone Description
2010 Signed with Next Model Management Waterhouse began her modeling career with Next Model Management in London.
2011 Appeared in Burberry campaign Waterhouse was featured in a campaign for Burberry, a luxury British fashion house.
2012 Appeared in “Pusher” Waterhouse made her acting debut in the film “Pusher”, a British crime thriller.
2014 Released “Coolest Place in the World” Waterhouse released her debut single, “Coolest Place in the World”, under the name “Suki”.
2015 Appeared in “Insurgent” Waterhouse played Marlene in the science fiction film “Insurgent”, based on the novel of the same name.
2016 Appeared in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” Waterhouse played Kitty Bennet in the horror comedy film “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”.
2017 Released “Good Looking” Waterhouse released her second single, “Good Looking”, under the name “Suki”.
2018 Appeared in “Assassination Nation” Waterhouse played Sarah in the black comedy film “Assassination Nation”.
2019 Appeared in “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” Waterhouse played Lucy Stevens in the live-action film “Pokémon Detective Pikachu”.
2020 Released “Brutally Honest” Waterhouse released her debut album, “Brutally Honest”, under the name “Suki”.


Suki waterhouse age

Suki Waterhouse’s filmography showcases her versatility as an actress, ranging from independent dramas to big-budget blockbusters. Her performances have garnered critical acclaim, establishing her as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Her filmography includes the following:

  • Pusher(2012) – As Mandy
  • Love, Rosie(2014) – As Bethany Williams
  • The Bad Batch(2016) – As Arlen
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies(2016) – As Kitty Bennet
  • The Girl Who Invented Kissing(2017) – As Allie
  • Future World(2018) – As Ash
  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu(2019) – As Lucy Stevens
  • Misbehaviour(2020) – As Sandra Wolsfeld
  • The Broken Heart Gallery(2020) – As Nadine
  • Persuasion(2022) – As Louisa Musgrove

In Pusher, Waterhouse’s debut film, she played a small but impactful role as Mandy, a drug addict. Her performance was praised for its raw emotion and vulnerability.

In Love, Rosie, she played the role of Bethany Williams, a loyal and supportive friend. Her performance was characterized by its warmth and humor.

In The Bad Batch, Waterhouse played the role of Arlen, a woman living in a dystopian society. Her performance was praised for its intensity and physicality.

In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, she played the role of Kitty Bennet, a mischievous and lively younger sister. Her performance was praised for its comedic timing and charm.

In The Girl Who Invented Kissing, Waterhouse played the lead role of Allie, a young woman struggling with identity and relationships. Her performance was praised for its sensitivity and depth.

In Future World, she played the role of Ash, a skilled fighter in a post-apocalyptic world. Her performance was praised for its physicality and action sequences.

In Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Waterhouse played the role of Lucy Stevens, a reporter investigating a missing Pokémon. Her performance was praised for its energy and charisma.

In Misbehaviour, she played the role of Sandra Wolsfeld, a member of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Her performance was praised for its passion and conviction.

In The Broken Heart Gallery, Waterhouse played the lead role of Nadine, a young woman who starts a “broken heart gallery” after a breakup. Her performance was praised for its vulnerability and relatability.

In Persuasion, Waterhouse played the role of Louisa Musgrove, a young woman who is torn between two suitors. Her performance was praised for its elegance and charm.

Modeling Career

Suki waterhouse age

Suki Waterhouse’s modeling career took off in 2010 when she was scouted at a London pub. Since then, she has become one of the most sought-after models in the industry, gracing the covers of countless magazines and starring in campaigns for major brands.

Waterhouse’s unique style, which combines elements of both classic and contemporary fashion, has made her a favorite of designers and stylists alike. She is known for her effortless, chic look, which often features a mix of vintage and modern pieces.

Magazine Covers

  • Vogue (UK, US, Paris, Italia, Japan, China)
  • Harper’s Bazaar (UK, US)
  • Elle (UK, US)
  • Marie Claire (UK, US)
  • Grazia (UK, Italy)

Brand Campaigns

  • Burberry
  • H&M
  • Topshop
  • Calvin Klein
  • Nike

Fashion Shows

  • Burberry
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton

Transition to Acting

In recent years, Waterhouse has transitioned from modeling to acting, appearing in films such as “The Bad Batch” (2016), “The Nice Guys” (2016), and “Billionaire Boys Club” (2018). She has also had roles in television series such as “The White Princess” (2017) and “Future Man” (2017-2020).

Music Career: Suki Waterhouse Age

Suki waterhouse age

Suki Waterhouse began her music career in 2016 when she released her debut single, “Brutally.” The song received positive reviews from critics, who praised her vocals and songwriting. In 2017, she released her debut album, “I Can’t Let Go,” which featured a mix of pop, rock, and folk influences.

Waterhouse’s music is often described as being ethereal and dreamy. She has cited artists such as Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, and Lana Del Rey as influences. Her lyrics often explore themes of love, loss, and self-discovery.


Waterhouse has collaborated with a number of other artists, including Mark Ronson, Diplo, and Third Eye Blind. In 2018, she released the single “Good Looking” with Mark Ronson, which reached the top 10 in the UK charts.

Social Media Presence

Suki Waterhouse has a significant presence across various social media platforms. Her Instagram account, with over 2.3 million followers, is her most popular platform. She frequently shares personal updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her work, and fashion-related content. Her engagement levels are high, with an average of 100,000 likes per post.


Waterhouse’s Instagram content primarily revolves around her personal life, fashion, and work. She often posts candid photos of herself, her friends, and her family. She also shares glimpses of her fashion shoots, red carpet events, and travels. Her Instagram stories feature a mix of personal updates, product endorsements, and interactions with her followers.


On Twitter, Waterhouse has over 600,000 followers. She uses this platform to engage with her fans, share her thoughts on current events, and promote her work. Her tweets often feature witty observations, humorous remarks, and behind-the-scenes updates.


Waterhouse recently joined TikTok and has quickly gained a following of over 100,000. She primarily uses TikTok to share short, humorous videos of herself and her friends. Her videos often feature dance challenges, lip-syncing, and skits.

Personal Style

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Suki Waterhouse’s personal style is a reflection of her eclectic and edgy personality. She is known for her bold fashion choices, often mixing vintage pieces with modern silhouettes. Her style is characterized by a combination of feminine and masculine elements, creating a unique and effortless look.Over the years, Waterhouse’s style has evolved, but she has always maintained a signature aesthetic.

She frequently incorporates tailored pieces, such as blazers and trousers, into her wardrobe, often pairing them with feminine touches like lace or ruffles. She also has a penchant for statement accessories, including chunky jewelry, oversized sunglasses, and colorful scarves.

Fashion Evolution

In her early days, Waterhouse favored a more bohemian style, often wearing flowing dresses and peasant blouses. As she gained recognition in the fashion industry, her style became more polished and sophisticated, while still retaining its bohemian roots. She began experimenting with different silhouettes and fabrics, incorporating more structured pieces into her wardrobe.Today, Waterhouse’s style is a mix of classic and contemporary elements.

She often wears tailored pieces, such as blazers and trousers, but adds a touch of whimsy with unexpected accessories or details. She also has a love for vintage fashion, often incorporating pieces from different eras into her outfits.


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Suki Waterhouse has had a number of high-profile relationships over the years. Here is a timeline of her most notable relationships:

Bradley Cooper

  • Relationship Start Date:2013
  • Relationship End Date:2015
  • Notable Events or Milestones:The couple was first spotted together in March 2013 at a party in Los Angeles. They were seen together frequently over the next two years, attending events and vacations together. In March 2015, it was reported that the couple had broken up.

James Marsden

  • Relationship Start Date:2015
  • Relationship End Date:2016
  • Notable Events or Milestones:The couple was first seen together in May 2015 at the Met Gala. They were seen together frequently over the next year, attending events and vacations together. In May 2016, it was reported that the couple had broken up.

Diego Luna

  • Relationship Start Date:2017
  • Relationship End Date:2018
  • Notable Events or Milestones:The couple was first seen together in January 2017 at the Sundance Film Festival. They were seen together frequently over the next year, attending events and vacations together. In December 2018, it was reported that the couple had broken up.

Robert Pattinson

  • Relationship Start Date:2018
  • Relationship End Date:Present
  • Notable Events or Milestones:The couple was first seen together in July 2018 at a party in London. They have been seen together frequently since then, attending events and vacations together. In May 2022, it was reported that the couple had gotten engaged.

Awards and Nominations

Waterhouse suki gq age model photoshoot meet

Suki Waterhouse has received recognition for her work in film, modeling, and music. She has been nominated for various awards, including the British Independent Film Awards and the Elle Style Awards.


  • British Independent Film Awards 2015: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Bad Batch”


  • Elle Style Awards 2015: Nominated for Model of the Year


  • MTV Europe Music Awards 2020: Nominated for Best New Artist
  • Brit Awards 2021: Nominated for British Female Solo Artist

Charity Work

Suki Waterhouse has actively supported various charitable causes and organizations throughout her career. She is known for her philanthropic endeavors and contributions to initiatives that promote social justice, environmental protection, and animal welfare.

Support for Social Justice

Waterhouse has been a vocal advocate for social justice and equality. She has partnered with organizations such as the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter movement to raise awareness about racial injustice and police brutality. She has also participated in protests and demonstrations to demand accountability and reform.


Suki Waterhouse has collaborated with various brands and products that align with her personal style and interests.

Her endorsements often involve fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, showcasing her influence in these areas.


  • Burberry: Waterhouse has been a brand ambassador for Burberry, featuring in their campaigns and showcasing their latest collections.
  • Coach: She has collaborated with Coach on capsule collections and campaigns, reflecting her bohemian and eclectic fashion sense.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Waterhouse has partnered with Tommy Hilfiger for their Tommy Jeans line, representing the brand’s youthful and casual aesthetic.


  • Rimmel London: Waterhouse has been the face of Rimmel London, promoting their makeup products and embodying their bold and playful image.
  • Laura Mercier: She has collaborated with Laura Mercier on limited-edition makeup collections, showcasing her natural and effortless beauty.
  • Fenty Beauty: Waterhouse has endorsed Fenty Beauty products, aligning with her edgy and experimental makeup style.


  • Le Labo: Waterhouse has partnered with Le Labo to promote their fragrances, reflecting her appreciation for unique and sophisticated scents.
  • Polaroid: She has collaborated with Polaroid on creative projects, capturing moments through their iconic cameras and embodying the brand’s retro and artistic vibe.


Suki Waterhouse has been involved in a few notable controversies throughout her career.

2013: Relationship with Bradley Cooper

In 2013, Waterhouse began dating actor Bradley Cooper. The relationship sparked controversy due to their 17-year age difference. Some critics accused Cooper of “grooming” Waterhouse, while others defended the relationship as consensual. The couple eventually broke up in 2015.

2016: Nude Photo Leak, Suki waterhouse age

In 2016, nude photos of Waterhouse were leaked online. The photos were reportedly taken without her consent and shared without her knowledge. Waterhouse spoke out against the leak, calling it a “violation of privacy.” She also filed a lawsuit against the website that published the photos.

2019: “Me Too” Comments

In 2019, Waterhouse made controversial comments about the #MeToo movement. She stated that she believes women should “speak up” about sexual harassment and assault, but also that she thinks the movement has gone “too far.” Her comments were criticized by some as being dismissive of victims’ experiences.

Despite these controversies, Waterhouse has remained a popular figure in the entertainment industry. She continues to act, model, and release music.

Fan Base

Suki Waterhouse’s fan base primarily consists of young adults, predominantly female, who reside in urban areas. They are well-educated and have a higher income level, with a significant portion holding a college degree or higher. Their interests align with fashion, beauty, music, and social and environmental issues.

Engagement Levels

Waterhouse’s fans are highly engaged, actively following her on social media and attending her events. They interact with her content, share her posts, and engage in discussions about her work and personal life. Her authenticity and relatability foster a strong connection with her followers, who feel a sense of community and shared values.


Within her fan base, there are distinct subgroups:* Fashion Enthusiasts:These fans are drawn to Waterhouse’s unique style and fashion collaborations.

Music Lovers

They appreciate her music and attend her concerts.

Social Activists

They connect with her advocacy for social and environmental causes.

Social Media and Fan Engagement

Social media plays a crucial role in building and maintaining Waterhouse’s fan base. She actively engages with her followers, sharing personal updates, behind-the-scenes content, and promoting her work. Her use of Instagram Live and Q&A sessions allows her to connect with fans directly and foster a sense of intimacy.

Strategies for Further Engagement

To further engage with her fans, Waterhouse could:* Host exclusive events and meet-and-greets to create memorable experiences.

  • Collaborate with other influencers and brands to reach a wider audience.
  • Create interactive content, such as polls, quizzes, and challenges, to encourage fan participation.
  • Explore new platforms and technologies to connect with her fans in innovative ways.


Suki Waterhouse’s impact extends beyond the realm of entertainment. She has lent her voice to important social issues, advocating for environmental protection and gender equality. Her authenticity, relatability, and unwavering spirit continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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What is Suki Waterhouse’s age?

As of 2023, Suki Waterhouse is 31 years old.

Where was Suki Waterhouse born?

Suki Waterhouse was born in Hammersmith, London, England.

What was Suki Waterhouse’s breakthrough role?

Suki Waterhouse’s breakthrough role was as Marlene in the 2015 film Insurgent.

Is Suki Waterhouse married?

Suki Waterhouse is currently in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, but they are not married.

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